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What is the Daily Lodging Report?

Created with hospitality leaders in mind, The Daily Lodging Report boils thousands of daily news stories into one digestible daily newsletter – allowing you to quickly and easily go through your day smarter. Instead of piling through multiple news sources, editor Alan Woinski does the work for you. Custom-tailoring the most important research into a one-page daily newsletter, recapping events and stock price movements within the lodging industry. Over the past 25 years, the publication has gained the support and respect of countless top executives around the world. With two different versions, for North America and Asia-Pacific, Daily Lodging Report’s extensive coverage makes it easy for readers to keep up on the most important happenings around the global hospitality industry.

The Story

25 years ago, Alan Woinski welcomed two children into the world – his biological son, and his brainchild: Daily Lodging Report. As many new parents know, it’s unlikely you’ll sleep much once the baby comes – and as many entrepreneurs know, the work never really does end. In Alan’s case, the two came back to back. In fact, the day before his son was born, he was up all night writing the first issue of his newest publication.

Coming off the heels of his first international publishing success, the Gaming Report, a daily recap of all events and stock movements related to the gaming industry, it was clear that a similar hole existed in the hospitality sector.

See, thousands upon thousands of stories come out every single day – and sure, there are phone applications that will sort through them for you, or you can read each article on the homepage or in the newspaper, but how many of those truly pertain to the hospitality industry? And, as an executive, how much time do you really have to read the news all day? As a key decision maker, you likely don’t even have time to take lunch – let alone read every news alert that comes across your computer screen.

Enter Daily Lodging Report. With extensive industry experience, and an insider background, Alan Woinski sorts through the news so you don’t have to.

The Process

He uses his expertise to boil thousands of stories into a five-minute recap, custom-built for folks in the hospitality industry. This isn’t a 9-5 job, either – it’s a 7 days a week, 24 hours, never off, kind of role. From dawn to dusk, Alan analyzes every relevant story, press release, and investment research he can get his hands on – which is quite a bit of information, considering all of his insider industry connections.

He knows how priceless it is to have a competitive edge, to have that boardroom confidence and insider knowledge. Which is why, for the first time since its inception in 1996, Daily Lodging Report has teamed up with Skift – the most influential media company covering travel – to reveal the hospitality industry’s best-kept secret. Not only does this allow the publication to grow at phenomenal rates, but it places the newsletter at the helm of a well-oiled machine, complete with a team of experienced analysts and reporters ready to expand coverage tenfold.

For 25 years, leaders at some of the world’s leading hotel groups have counted on Alan’s Daily Lodging Report research to start their day. After all, there’s no other place where someone could find all of this timely information wrapped up in a quick, convenient daily letter – from lodging analyst reports, to hotel openings, to investment research, to knowledgeable commentary, there’s nothing like it. Don’t just take it from us, though, take it from the executives themselves, most of whom have been subscribers for over 10 years…

CEO of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Geoff Ballotti, says “Not a day has gone by in the past 20 years of my career where I haven’t read every word of Daily Lodging Report, as have just about everyone in my world I talk to.

And Chairman & CEO of MCR, Tyler Morse, raves “The Daily Lodging Report is a must read for anyone involved in the hotel business.  It is incredibly comprehensive, yet easy to digest, and keeps the hotel ecosystem on its toes every day.”

Now, here’s what it comes down to – how much money would it realistically cost to hire someone skilled and experienced enough to custom-tailor news for your needs? It would likely be a full-time job, if not multiple jobs for entry-level candidates. Likely at least $100,000 per year, at minimum. For just dollars a day, we’ll give you the competitive edge. We’ll give you the boardroom confidence. The insider perspective.

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